TimeCode Apps

SMPTE compliant applications

Since we have a lot of field experience with SMPTE timecode, we created these handy apps, that are available to everyone, and are great tools when working with timecode.

TimeCode Monitor

Allows you to view and analyse the incoming timecode signal. This app is free available for everyone!


TimeCode Generator

This app generates timecode needed for television and motion picture industry. By setting a custom offset, any time can be generated.


TimeCode Player

This is the most advanced of the three, and generates and plays timecode along with playing a music track. This is great for events and shows. This is for instance use by pyrotechnics to have fireworks to run in sync with music.


For these applications we created and made everything in-house. The applications are written in C++ using the JUCE Framework. The apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, and are both using our own payment platform, as well as the Mac App Store and iOs app store.

All apps are fully signed and validated, and contain our own license- and update framework.