Most museums have digitised their collection, but in most cases nothing exciting ever happened with these digital archives. The National Maritime Museum was one of the first to change that, and let everybody freely interact with their digital collection.

By opening up the archive on a giant touchtable, visitors can create a digital exposition with their favourite museum pieces. Museum objects can be placed, resized and rotated on a virtual canvas, in front of a changeable background. It’s even possible to add a soundscape to your E-xpo.

The creation only embodies the first step of the My E-xpo experience. Freshly made E-xpo’s fold up into colourful cubes and slowly drift to an intermediate waiting que. On this queuing screen, all the E-xpo’s wait for their turn to be presented on an enormous panoramic projection, making the visitors truly feel like a curator of the museum.

Furthermore, the same functionality of creating and viewing E-xpo’s was build into an online environment. Via your e-mail address both online- and museum environment can seamlessly work together. This makes it possible to -for instance- start an E-xpo at home, finish it on the touchtable in the museum, view it on the panoramic projection, and finally view it again with your family at home via the online portal.


The National Maritime Museum was reopened in 2012, after a year long renovation. Their vision aimed on shifting from a traditional museum to an ‘experience museum’. This meant the renewed Maritime Museum got equipped with an array of spectacular multimedia rooms. My E-xpo was one of the bolder concepts, and Haute Technique is proud to being a part it’s realisation. The My E-xpo touchtable was the biggest in Europe at the moment of the opening.

This project has even won the 2012 Gouden Reiger Award; a national award for interactive and audiovisual media.


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