The Building

For the first exhibition after it’s official reopening, The Mauritshuis asked Haute Technique to realise nine multi-media areas that can offer in-depth information regarding the history and renovation of the building. Our team realised an array of touchscreen interfaces that present the visitors interactive historical content such as maps, blueprints, and original drawings by architect Pieter Post.

Each touchscreen is positioned on a thematic islands representing for instance: the architect, building style, the garden, interior, exterior and restoration. The minimalistic designed interfaces ensure the historic content retains it’s authenticity, and is user-friendly for every age-group.

As grande finale, we created a projected animation in which the viewer meanders through a 3D version of The Mauritshuis. This digital building is constructed from Pieter Post’s original sketchbook drawings. As the animation flies you through it’s rooms and hallways, the building’s interior is simultaneously drawn before your eyes, letting the architect’s vision literally come to life.


A big inspiration in this project was Pieter Post’s unique book containing The Mauritshuis’ architectural planning, which shows drawings of every surface of the building. For the animated projection, all of Post’s drawings were stitched together digitally to construct the whole building like a giant three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.

Since we had to construct a 3D-model of the old Mauritshuis as a guide for the animation and one of the touch-interfaces, we were able to 3D-print a miniature version. This tiny Mauritshuis now found it’s home on the desk of Chief of Education.


In collaboration with

Kinkorn, Ruben van Esterik, Bertus Pelser