Floris van Bommel

Captain Floris Arcade

For designer-shoe brand Floris van Bommel, Haute Technique designed seven custom arcade cabinets with semi-translucent screens. The opacity of these screens is able to change from an opaque videogame, to transparant glass. At the end of the game the screen suddenly changes into see-through mode, leaving the player stunned to find and a special-edition shoe behind the glass. If a player makes it into the high scores, he competes to win these special edition shoes.

Floris stars in this arcade-game as his alter-ego Captain Floris. The player is set to defeat an invasion of evil cosmic cubes, and has to avoid getting the captain distracted by cute puppies and tasty thai food. Haute Technique aimed to create an authentic old school arcade experience in every detail: from the visuals and soundtrack to the cabinet’s design and artwork. 

The seven Captain Floris arcade cabinets will travel through Europe in selected Van Bommel stores.


During a meet-up, Floris told us about his lifelong dream to star in his own videogame. During after-work drinks, when we were discussing the current uninspired implementations of this new see-through display technology, it finally hit us… A first prototype cabinet was built, and the rest is history.