Armin van Buuren


Haute Technique teamed up with Thalmic Labs, the creator of the Myo armband, and renowned DJ Armin van Buuren to bring wireless stage control to the next level. When wearing this special armband, Armin van Buuren can control a range of stage effects, allowing him to conjure an even more immersive experience for his audience.

With custom developed software, Armin van Buuren’s arm positions are seamlessly linked to the lights and VJ visuals on stage. With this setup Armin can enlarge his movements and poses through light beams and live generated visuals on the LED screens. Pointing spotlights in the crowd, summoning flames out of is hands and letting every light on stage follow his arm movements are just a couple of examples that our system enables.


After seeing Thalmic’s first promotional video of the Myo Armband, the team got so excited we got in touch with Thalmic Labs right away. We presented them some of our ideas and in less than a week Haute Technique came to be one of the first companies worldwide to receive an alpha-version of Myo.

That following night we connected Myo’s orientation data to a moving-head spotlight, and the idea for Armin van Buuren’ stage control was born. Some weeks later, during ‘A State of Trance’, we were able to record a full show worth of Armin’s position and orientation data.

Back in the office we superimposed that to video-footage of the performance. This gave us nearly all the research data needed to create the system as it stands today. Armin and Myo first hit the stage on May 26th, 2014, in Ushuaia Ibiza, and has become an established part of Armin’s performances since.


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