Amsterdam Museum

Football Hallelujah!

In the Amsterdam Museum the exhibition ‘Football Hallelujah’ highlights the parallels between football and religion. Haute Technique developed a set of interactives that enables visitors to compete against each other in a quiz and a keeper game, evoking the true fanatic spirit found in both football and religion.

Visitors are led through the exhibition with an interactive quiz, which works by pointing an audio handset at quiz icons, listening to the question and selecting the right answer. To really trigger a sense of competetion, visitors are presented with their scores halfway trough and at the end of the exhibition, just like a real football match.

Additionally, visitors can take a picture and transform themselves into a football hero on one of the iconic Panini-style football cards. These pictures are automatically uploaded to the museum’s Flickr account and can be emailed to yourself.

As a finale the tension rises in the gameplay zone: a kinect-based game in which the visitor steps in the shoes of a keeper and is challenged to stop incoming penalties. The position of the player’s hands is tracked and enables the movement of the keeper gloves on the screen. Video-footage of actual football players taking the penalty enhances the lifelike feeling of the game.

The exposition was developed in cooperation with the Historical Museum Basel and will travel to several museums throughout Europe.


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