Stedelijk Museum

Faces of Alkmaar

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar asked Haute Technique to give an update to the oldskool photo booth. Haute Technique developed a tool which takes pictures, automatically uploads these to Flickr and the screen outside.

Visitors can create their own ‘Portrait of Alkmaar’ by taking a picture of themselves using a touchscreen connected to a webcam. The screen automatically starts a count-down and takes the portrait. Because the interior of the modern steel photo booth is green, the background can be replaced using realtime keying.

The visitors can choose three typical Alkmaar-like backgrounds: the cheese market, (in-)famous inhabitants of the city or paintings in the exhibition. Afterwards the photo is automatically uploaded to the museum’s Flickr account and can be emailed to yourself.

The exhibition ‘Portrait of Alkmaar’ will be on show for 10 years.