ArtNet Recorder

Record and playback your Art-Net and DMX data!


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  • Record multiple universes
  • Shows recording activity
  • Easy and clear interface
  • Record your show with ease
  • Standalone recorder, Compatible with Windows and macOS!
ArtNet Recorder

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About Haute Technique

As creators of the world leading TimeCode Sync and as the founders of Juicebar for Resolume, Haute Technique has years of experience in creating new innovating experiences for the dance and entertainment industry.

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About art-net

Art-Net is a royalty-free communications protocol for transmitting the DMX512-A lighting control protocol and Remote Device management (RDM) protocol over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) of the Internet protocol suite. It is used to communicate between "nodes" (e.g., intelligent lighting instruments) and a "server" (a lighting desk or general purpose computer running lighting control software).

Art-Net is a simple implementation of DMX512-A protocol over UDP in which lighting control information is conveyed in IP packets, typically on a private local area network such as Ethernet. Supported functions include transmitting and receiving lighting data (e.g., fader levels for individual lights, positions of movable lights); management functions such as detecting nodes, updating node control parameters, and transmitting timecodes; and functions that allow nodes to "subscribe" to "publisher" nodes so that, for example, nodes A and B can subscribe to node C (C will unicast information to A and B).

More info about Art-Net can be found on Wikipedia - Art-net